About the Project

2020 saw a lot of change in the world, from the pandemic and social isolation to the Black Lives Matter movement. For us, 2020 could be summarised in one word: Gratitude. For what we lost, what we gained and for the position of privelage we find ourselves in. 

But it also got us thinking, what if there's more? More to what Zeenya can do, more to support our own Indigenous culture here in New Zealand. And while it's true that we've been ruminating for nearly 2 years on this project, it was 2020 that has helped give it shape. 

For our first ever Artist Collection, we've chosen two artists (more about them below) and for the third, we're going to be highlighting and celebrating Māori contemporary artists and designers to help us create a limited edition print for Zeenya. 

For this, we'll be asking for submissions from Māori artists to join the project. With the help of our judges, we'll select a group of finalists who will be celebrated through our community with one talented human having their artwork become a limited edition Zeenya print. This will then feature in the Artist Collection in our New Zealand Made styles, available to be snapped up by lucky shoppers later in the year. 

We'll be releasing more details as they come, but check our key timelines and info below.

Meet the Artists

We are fortunate to have two incredible artists who have already said yes to being part of our Artist Collection. We're even releasing a sneak peek at the designs they have created for us (so unlike us we know)

Otis Frizzell

With a style that mashes up tattoo, graffiti art, comic books and custom cars, Otis is know for his pop art spin. Playful, bold and compelling, he's looking to create art that sparks reaction. 

2020 had his work recognised with the Aroha poster of Jacinda Arden that he created with friend and artist Mike Weston, which caused electorial controversy at a time where they were just trying to say thanks to NZ's Prime Minister for her leadership during the pandemic. 

Otis has created a Zeenya print sprayed with colour and life, with street art and grafitti vibes.

Diya Dasgupta

Nutured by her father to connect with art, Diya draws her inspiration from travel, nature, spirituality and a total love of colour. Her natural pull toward shapes, patterns and colours makes her our kind of gal. 

Originally from India, Diya now lives in Sydney where she runs her creative business Salsa Verde Design

This nature inspired piece brings a little bit of springtime deliciousness to the print she's created for the Artist Collection. 

Meet the Judges

Passionate about sharing in this project and supporting others to shine, our judges know a thing or two about artwork and design. 

Todd Couper - Contemporary Whakairo Artist Rongomaiwahine, Ngāti Kahungunu
Todd Couper

Contemporary Whakairo Artist

Rongomaiwahine, Ngāti Kahungunu

Chloe Wickman - Zeenya Head of ColourTe Moana-a-Toi
Chloe Wickman

Zeenya Head of Colour

Te Moana-a-Toi


Here at Zeenya we always aim to do our best, and to pull this major project off it's going to take time. In fact, it's roughly a 6 month project from us starting this conversation in May to having this line available for purchase in November. 

So, here are the timelines you need: 

19th May - Applications open for Māori Artists and Designers to enter their work 

14th June - Applications close 

15th to the 19th of June  - Applications judged 

Finalists and winner will be contacted by 25th of June with next steps

The Details

Before you get creating there are a few things we need you to know. 

There are no set inspirations, ideas or themes from Zeenya on what you can create. It will be judged on originality and wearability. The most important thing is that the pattern must be able to seamlessly repeat.

The only requirement we have is that you are of Māori descent and can tell us your whakapapa. 

A full application pack will be supplied - you can sign up for this on the registration link below. 

Once applications are open, please check back here to complete the application process. 

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