Zeenya (said Zeen-yah) is Brazilian slang added to the end of friends names. Thanks for being a friend of Zeenya. 

Sharing the joy

Zeenya Clothing was founded in 2014 after visiting the vibrant and body-confident Brazil, we have always been about colour, community and connection. 

Chloe Wickman (Co-founder and Owner) has been through her own transformation when it comes to mixing up colourful activewear and loves to inspire others to ditch the black and wear the joy. 

Our Zeenya community is one of the most vibrant places to spend time and we love our fans more than we thought it was humanly possible. Sounds kinda mushy right? Well, it's true. These women make our hearts sing and fill us with warm, colourful fuzzies every damn day. 

Join us. Be part of our epic community and wear New Zealand's Happiest Activewear.

Activewear Designed for Comfort

Made right here in New Zealand, our core range of Zeenya leggings and crops are designed with Kiwi women in mind. 

Our Sport Range is ethically produced in Brazil - targeted for different sports and created with performance at the forefront of the designs. 

Knowing who and where Zeenya's clothing is made is incredibly important to us. No workers are taken advantage of to sew this clothing, we know everyone in the production line, they are paid a living wage.  Our business is based on these values and we won't compromise on this.

Our Incredible Fabrics

We use a world leading textile called Amni Sol Eco┬« which is biodegradable. It's the first fabric of it's kind made specifically for activewear and produced in Brazil. 

It's incredibly soft, moves with your body, quick drying, antibacterial and odor minimising. 

Our Sport Range also utilises a higher compression fabric for some components (waistbands, panels of the Tri-suit) for longer wear and performance. 

Limited Edition Prints

Our high performing printed fabrics are limited edition.

This means once they are gone, they are gone.  Make sure you get in quickly to get the size and print you want for your own unique self expressive activewear.

Show me the prints

Activewear for all Activities

If you're like us, you love a good adventure. Whether that's walking the dog, getting out on the trails, conquering a swim, bike, run or just chilling on the couch with a vino - we have the perfect partner for your adventure.

Our sport range brings you running leggings (with pockets), running shorts (also with pockets) and sport skirts for squash, tennis or golf. We have some women wearing the skirts for running and raving about them so give them a try! 

Our core range is perfect for walking, running, yoga, pilates, gym workouts, group fitness, dance and whatever else you want to do. 

We love seeing everything you get up to in your Zeenya - so make sure you tag us in your photos! #embracinglifethroughcolour



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