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What could you achieve if you kept pushing personal boundaries? Well, for Carolyn Arthur, we're about to find out. Carolyn would describe herself as not being particularly athletic at a young age. It wasn't until later in her early twenties that sport really came into her life. She joined a work relay team for the Round the Mountain Relay Run and trained really hard to be able to run just 5km. From there Carolyn kept on running building up to bigger distances and started to compete in Triathlons about 7 years later.  She really enjoyed the community aspect of triathlon and the challenge of training for three sports.  It also appealed to her competitive side as she qualified and competed in two ITU World Championships for NZ in 2014 and 2015. 

In more recent times, Carolyn has moved away from competitive triathlon events. But she felt like there was something missing in her life, and she needed a big goal to shake her life up. So in 2018, as part of a two person team with her partner, Moss, she competed in one of the toughest Multisport events in the world – the Kathmandu Coast to Coast – which traverses the South Island from west coast to east coast. And they smashed it – placing 4th in the mixed team division!
Carolyn now has several multisport and adventure races under belt - word on the street is that she might make and appearance at Coast to Coast again in 2021...  

For now she continues to enjoy training and exercise as part of her daily routine. Exercise keeps her sane! It's also a great way to socialise and explore new places!  Trail running, kayaking and biking take you some incredible places!

She also knows that she is totally capable of anything – she just has to put her mind to it. For her, life is all about giving it a crack. Not everyone is born with outstanding athleticism but determination can't be faked. For us, Carolyn is one of the most determined women we've ever met. Yes, she has fears, but she works through them. She doesn't let them stop her from achieving her goals even if it makes them hard to get there. 

She wants other females (and males for that matter!) to know anything is possible with some determination and guts.  Challenge yourself, step outside of your comfort zone, you never know what could happen! Some paths lead to where you didn't know you needed to go!

Follow her below on her social media channels for more inspiration. 
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Moss Burmester, Carolyn Arthur, Multisport, Zeenya Headband, Offroad, Adventure Race
Carolyn Arthur, Triathlon, World Champs, Active, Trisuit
Carolyn Arthur, Triathlon, Road Bike, Racing, Trisuit, Active, Leggings, Zeenya Ambassador

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