Endurance Athlete (Waikato)

Erin is an inspirational coach as well as an athlete, racing professionally in triathlon and dabbling in a few mountain bike races. She is driven towards being fitter, faster and stronger. Loving the training that goes with being a top athlete, she embraces pushing her body to new limits.

Erin got into the sport of triathlon after watching a friend compete in an Ironman and finding it incredibly intimidating, but at the same time inspiring. It is like they say if the goal doesn't scare you then it probably isn't big enough! 

Her message to share with other women to inspire them is to "find the goodness in every moment. Love your body, live with passion, create those memories!”.

Over the next year she is focused on getting back into Ironman racing, after a year of injury, stronger and fitter than ever. With a new appreciation and passion for the sport, and a reminder to never take
anything for granted.

Upcoming events include:
Coromandel Classic Adventure Race
Foster Half Ironman (Australia)
The Motu 160
Rotorua Half Ironman
Tauranga Enduro 2018
Ironman New Zealand 2018
Challenge Taiwan 2018

Zeenya is looking forward to following her in upcoming events in NZ and overseas. You can also follow and support her on her Facebook page, Instagram or her blog

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