Personal Trainer - Reporoa

Sarah Martelli isn't your usual farmers wife. A colour addiction and a huge drive to get other rural women engaged in sport and exercise has her moving from milking cows with her hubby, to filming live workouts in front of her video camera.  She is on a serious quest to motivate & inspire others.

A mum to 3 young children, Sarah loves exercising - not only to feel fitter & stronger but also as her “mummy time out”.  After battling a rare gynaecological cancer in 2016, and working incredibly hard to regain her own fitness & health, Sarah decided to go for it... life is too short not to follow your dreams!  She went back to study personal training and then took the leap and started up her own fitness business, Strong Woman.    

Aimed at motivating other women to get fit and healthy too, Sarah offers both online memberships and in person training sessions, and runs group fitness classes for her Reporoa community. She loves bringing people together over events, and has supported lots of local women to take up running challenges as well as improving general health.

She's all about creating a supportive and motivational environment for women to achieve their goals. And the people she inspires are the ones that inspire her! Sarah's online 'Strong Woman membership community' membership site and Facebook group continues to grow. She has ladies joining from all over New Zealand, taking full advantage of the awesome benefits being a member of Strong Woman brings with it.  

Sarah has great connections with the women she works with. They can't speak highly enough of her and the way she lets herself and others shine. As a big Zeenya fan herself she has gotten lots of Reporoa women into their first pairs of colourful leggings. We think this makes Reporoa probably the most colourful rural town in New Zealand.  

For more information on Strong Woman check out Sarah's website and Facebook

To read more about Sarah's story, head over to our blog


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