Zeenya Sport Range

As active women ourselves, we know that sometimes you just want a little bit more performance from your gear. In 2017 we decided it was time to up our game and we created our Sport Range. These products are designed and manufactured ethically for us in Brazil.

Performance for us means firmer waistbands and pockets in our Running Leggings, Running Capri and Running Shorts, allowing you to carry your big ol' phone, keys and cards (cuz a post run coffee is life) without your pants falling down. Our Sport Skirts rock pockets too for the squash, tennis or golf gear. There's nothing flattering about your booty flying out from under your skirt while you're crushing activity, so our Sport Skirts have undershorts. The newest have the added comfort of grip elastic in them to further hold them in place. 

Our beautifully designed Triathlon Suits will have your supporters cheering louder - there's nothing like them out there so they'll definitely see you coming! 

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Check out this video review from our Ambassador Eve Southan - she's a big fan of the runner, she can tell you why in her own words


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