Built on friendship and inspired by the vibrancy of Brazil, zinha [zeen-ya] is a term of endearment used by friends.

We create Limited Edition Activewear to inspire women to be their real, bright and adventurous selves.

Embracing Life Through Colour isn’t just our motto, it’s a way of living. Whether that’s in the gym, on the trails or with coffee and a scone - colour brightens your mood, giving you a way to express yourself.

We’re more than just activewear, being a friend of Zeenya opens doors to motivation, inspiration and a colourful way of doing life.

Warrior Pose, Reverse Warrior, Yoga, Yoga Pants, Reach

Our Activewear is not made to blend in, nor is it mass produced. When it comes to fashion, we don’t do ‘fast’. We make mindful choice part of our business by doing our best to work with companies who share our values. 

We choose eco-friendly fabrics, creating limited editions to reduce excess and always knowing exactly who made each piece. Zeenya is about enjoying getting out into nature, not ruining it. 

In 2018 we shifted production of our core range to New Zealand, and we’re so proud to be making it here. We still work with ethically focused Brazilian businesses for our beautiful fabrics and for the production of our Sport Range



Inspiring Human - Maria Amos

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March 12-14th saw Team Zeenya take to the Spirited Women - All Women's Adventure Race in stunning Northland. Where teams of 4 women trek, kayak and mountain bike while navigating a course in an epicRead more

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New Year Sale - FAQ's

We definitely don't do sales like this often/never! After losing some key events with the NZ Lockdown we've gone a little crazy about moving some items from our range.  Here's a few commonly askedRead more



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