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Rise NZ Made Collection

Four new fabulous prints in a long awaited NZ Made Collection. 
Keep those winter days bright and cheerful!

Our first ever Artist Collection

Yip. We’ve not done this before. And flip we’re excited. The work of 3 inspiring artists on the legs of our Zeenya community. Available now. 

Inspiring women to be their authentic, bright & adventurous selves

Hey you! We see you shimmying into the world of bright prints.
We create limited edition activewear that’s mindfully made in both New Zealand and Brazil.

Zeenya is all about colour, connection and movement.

We’re here to encourage you to embrace who you are, connect with a crew of colour-loving women and feel the difference of mindfully made activewear that adds a whole lot of joy to your adventures.

Our small biz is about so much more than great leggings, skirts, shorts, crops and tops. Being a Friend of Zeenya opens doors to motivation, inspiration and a colourful way of doing life.

Ready to embrace your life through colour in New Zealand’s happiest activewear

Why Friends of Zeenya love our activewear

Super-fan favourites

Embracing life through colour

We’re talkin’ stories about inspiring humans, our first-ever artist collection, body positivity yarns and so much more.

Let's talk about butt pads

Hopefully, when you read this, you’ll be thinking what?! Butt pads? What the heck are they? If not, I’m sorry that you have as they’re one of the latest ways in which women are being encouragedRead more

Possum Night Run - 11th June 2022

Yes, that's right! An ACTUAL event!  We are so damn excited that events are back in the calendar. And even more excited for ones that are a little different. Join us and the crew from The PossumRead more

Tikitapu Tiki Tour - A story of 100km's in the rain

It’s been a week since I ran the Tikitapu Tiki Tour, a self-supported, alternative TUM 102km ultra. I finally managed to write some words and, spoiler alert, it became a novel. But if you’reRead more

Belt Bags - our newest product

Here at Zeenya HQ we LOVE turning our offcut scrap fabric into something useful. While our fabrics are biodegradable, we believe the less fabric going to waste the better.  In the past we've doneRead more

Event Season - Here. We. Go!

Oh lawdy it's Traffic Light Red - please keep coming back to this page to find out the latest for each of the events.  We get lots of requests for places to try on - and while we'd love to be at evRead more

Thrive Collection - Coming in hot!

And we wouldn't want it any other way, right?  We're excitedly anticipating the launch of our first collection for the year, Thrive Sport Range will be hitting our e-shelves on Thursday the 27th ofRead more

5 minutes with our Zeenya Ambassadors

Each of these 9 women inspire us everyday. Together, they’re involved in so many different sports and recreation activities - from yoga, running, triathlon and multisport to paddling, surfing andRead more

New Product: Scoop crop

It's been a hot minute since we've updated our crop styles, and this year we've been working away on creating a new style. It's taken some serious back and forth, but we're so stoked to have stuck itRead more

Inspiring Human: Rachael Tobeck

It’s a marathon (or in Rachael’s case a miler) not a sprint. She follows a simple mantra of finding what you enjoy, then doing it - despite the obstacles life throws your way. Rachael is best foRead more

Glow NZ Made - All the details

We’ve pulled the pin on our usual pre-sales for NZ Made. Not just for this collection, but going forward. There’s lots of hats (or leggings) to wear when running a small biz, and this smallRead more

Artist Collection Winner: Stephen Maddock

Drawing and creating is as natural to Steve as taking a breath. Having been raised in Wainuiomata by his parents Joan and David, it seems like being a hands-on artist in the world of tattoo was aRead more

7 years, no itch, but plenty of learnings

It’s not often you get to wish a woman in her 30’s ‘Happy 7th Birthday’ (unless she’s born on a leap year). It’s a pretty unusual feeling. With that in mind, I’ve decided to share myRead more

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